Worms Update Fixes Almost Everything

Team17 just released an update for their game Worms, and although it has been a few days now, I haven’t had a chance to play the update until now.  And wow, I am so satisified with the game as it is right now.  Worms has become everything I was hoping it would be, and although online multiplayer is still not supported, the improvements are phenomenal.

The control issues, jumping issues, and all that great stuff have been fixed in this update, and the response has been great even on my 1st generation iPhone.  And that’s saying a lot since my device is the slowest of the bunch.  Worms runs great with the update, and the game is actually fun to play now.  The comical phrases are actually funny now, and blowing up these creepy crawlers is exactly how I remembered it.

Now I’m sure everyone who’s bought Worms has already downloaded this update, but just a heads up to potential buyers, the game is a lot better than the initial version.  BUT, the game is still lacking in terms of content and multiplayer.  While Team17 has announced a multiplayer update, we have yet to put our hands on it.  Our review still stands in terms of rating and whatnot, but the performance fixes is exactly what I was looking for.

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