Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor Review: Not Your Average Itsy Bitsy Spider

Tiger Style have recently released Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, a wonderfully made game that seems to be specific for the iPhone.  The game features some interesting and unique gameplay, and when I first opened it up, it felt like Rolando all over again.  Many of you may be wondering how the game works, and even with the iTunes rating sitting at a comfortable 5 stars, it’s hard to distinguish what is fact and what is fiction.

Your spider is controlled by touching the left and right hand side of the screens: tap the right half of your screen to move right and the left half to move left.  To jump, simply swipe up or down depending on which direction you want to go, and your spider will execute a seemingly impressive jump.  To spin a web, simply tap you spider and swipe your finger to create a string of silk; continue this process and create a closed polygon to form a web.


Intuitive Controls: Controls aren’t just halfhearted onscreen d-pads with buttons for every single action the spider performs, the controls are actually fit for the iPhone.  Swipe to jump, tap to anchor, touch two fingers to scroll around, everything is done with some thought into it.  I’m glad Tiger Style Games actually thought about the controls and made it so that it felt natural playing the game.

Great Artwork: It’s as simple as that.  Artwork is very well done, and I must commend the developer(s) for their great taste in art.  I found the spider’s details to make the spider look like an actual spider, and the background levels are also well designed.  Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor is something that’s quite unique, and I believe the artwork is a major part of its appeal.

Achievements: The game comes packed with a total of 24 achievements, each one providing somewhat of a challenge to unlock.  Some games feature some very easy achievements that provide very little reply value, but the challenging achievements in Spider adds much more to the already awesome game.

Game Modes: You would think that a game with a storyline would come with one, maybe two, game modes.  Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor ships to your iDevice with 4 different game modes, and I found each one to be unique and appealing.  You can post your results for each game mode on the online leaderboards, and you can also publish your result on Facebook.


Button Design: Now this is a very trivial issue, but a noticeable one.  I found the buttons to be a little small at times, and some of the “button boxes” were a little too small for the font.  For example, when pausing the game I couldn’t help but feel the menu to feel a little scrunched together.  Also, when you finish a level, the buttons were sometimes hard to read because of their petite look.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor is an absolutely fantastic game from Tiger Style, and their debut title is one that should be an absolute success. We’ve seen this title climb the Top 100 Paid, and I won’t be suprised to see this game in the Top 10 Paid soon.  I don’t think I can emphasize this enough, but Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor is definitely something you should look into, and if you have $2.99 lying around, I suggest you skip the coffee and buy something that’ll last much longer.


Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor was developed by Tiger Style, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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  1. I bought this game after reading the review here. I also think it’s a great game, and I LOVE the art. The music is pretty good and the gameplay is fun. Somethings I didn’t like were the animations, they seemed too simple, and the jump vs. move (walk) mechanic. I kept jumping when I wanted to walk. To fix this I found myself starting the walk way away from my spider character, which didn’t seem intuitive. Pretty minor complaints though. Great game over all.

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