Quest For Knights Onrush In Action

We got news of the upcoming game Quest for Knights Onrush around a week ago, but were as curious as you on how the game will play.  If any of you have played Castle Crashers, Quest for Knights Onrush seems to be something that’s very similar to that.  Since the reason for the making of this game was to promote Knights Onrush, I was wondering if the game wouldn’t be as full featured as I thought it would be.

The game will be a side-scrolled along with some jump and attack buttons.  You control your knight using the onscreen joystick, and jumping around seems to be the key to achieving the highest score.  It definitely looks more than I expected, and I cannot wait for this to be released.  Along with the Quest for Knights Onrush game, there will be a little part of Knights Onrush in there with the whole flick away from the castle type of thing.

Anyways, Chillingo released a video of their game just recently, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you check it out.

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