Doom Resurrection and Wolfenstein 3D Classic On Sale

Some hours ago, id Software decided to put Doom Resurrection and Wolfenstein 3D Classic on sale.  While Doom Resurrection was a little short for our taste, $2.99 is a major drop compared to its original $9.99 price point.  Now that the game is on sale, I can’t help but say that now is the time to buy.

Doom Resurrection trails away from the traditional FPS by providing an on-rails shooter similar to Time Crisis Strike and all those other arcade games.  Aiming is accomplished by tilting either left or right, and shooting can be accomplished by pressing a button on the bottom right hand corner.  While our review of the game was somewhat negative, $2.99 is a great bargain for a game of this quality.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic, on the other hand, is a true FPS that has been one of the first first-person shooters.  It has been translated quite nicely onto the iDevice platform, and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  Even if you’ve never played the game before, it’s definitely worth a look for only $0.99.

* Please note these games are on a limited time sale until August 16th.

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  1. These are definitely good sales. When I wrote the Doom review, the price point of $9.99 definitely was a big drawback. It’s easily worth a playthrough at $2.99.

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