NFL 2010 Review: Fourth Down and Inches

Gameloft announced NFL 2010 around a week ago claiming to release it just at the end of summer.  Little did we know that Gameloft was just playing with our minds and released it only 3 or 4 days after announcing it.  I’m sure most people are wondering how this game is and if the controls really work, and that’s where this review plays in.  Most people will also be doubting that this game will ever live up to Madden NFL, but I can assure you that NFL 2010 is the real deal.


The Real Deal: I really, really like the fact that the game includes real players and real teams.  This isn’t a game with fake players like Ken Roethlisburger or some other weird variation of player names; this is the real deal.  From what I heard, Electronic Arts presumably had the rights to NFL players and the NFL license, but Gameloft just snuck one in there into the mobile market.  I’m telling you folks, this is the real deal.

Numerous Plays: PocketSports Football was horrible because of the lack of plays.  It included maybe 8 or so at most, and I was really disappointed with that game.  NFL 2010 comes packed with over 200 different plays, and I can assure you that you will not run out of them.  Both offense and defense have numerous plays to chose from, and Gameloft did a great job with providing all options.

Controls: The main gripe for most people have been the controls.  Personally, I thought the controls were wonderfully implemented, and I enjoyed them a lot.  They are a great improvement from Hero of Sparta, and the action buttons aren’t as burdensome as they are in other Gameloft games.  Although the controls aren’t very creative, they certainly are well implemented.

User Interface: Like most Gameloft games, user interface is absolutely impeccable.  The same goes for NFL 2010, and the interface design is very well designed.  It didn’t feel cluttered at all, and I really thought that NFL 2010 had the best user interface among all their games.

Depth: NFL 2010 almost equals Real Soccer 2009 in depth, and I am quite pleased with the amount of content that Gameloft packed into this game.  There is a full season mode with 16 weeks of pure fun, then a playoffs mode all the way to the Super Bowl.  Won the Super Bowl?  Try to beat the season on all 3 difficulties, and it that’s not enough for you, why not just play quick play or exhibition mode?


Passing: I found the passing in this game to be very unbalanced.  The middle of the field would be packed with linebackers and safeties, making it almost impossible to throw a slant route or an in route.  On the other hand, the outside of the field would be wide open making it fairly easy to make a 15 yard pass to Santonio Holmes.  This is very different from Madden in that Madden seems to be very easy when throwing the slant routes.

Camera Angles: The main thing that bothered me in this game was the camera angles when running the ball.  When running the ball, the camera would zoom into your player all the while shaking back and forth.  I would have preferred the camera not zooming in so far, and the jerky screen needs to stop.  Although I could still get in some 20 yard runs, the camera angle still needs to be fixed and set up properly so that it isn’t too shaky.

From the 4 or 5 hours I have played this game, I can say that this is a very solid football game.  Don’t be expecting Madden NFL console version, but do expect a pretty fun football experience.  I thought that the controls were well implemented, graphics were okay, and gameplay was surprisingly very enjoyable.  For $7.99, I don’t regret the game at all, and I found this to be one of the best football experiences I have ever played on a mobile phone.  Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how Madden NFL ’10 for iPhone turns out, but for now I think we have a new champion.


NFL 2010 was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.3 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $7.99.



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