Westbang Review: The Wild Ol’ West

Rake In Grass, creators of the beautiful Archibald’s Adevntures, recently released Westbang for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The game can be described as saving the bank by shooting robbers when they draw the guns.  It’s a familiar game genre amongst many, and once you start playing, I’m sure you’ll know what type of game this is.  Surprisingly, these types of games haven’t really made a big impression on the iPhone yet, and Westbang seems to start this genre off with a kick and a bang.


Artwork: It seems pretty obvious now that most iPhone games should look pretty good to even be considered aside from the notorious Enviro-Bear.  Westbang features some pretty clear artwork that’s smooth and well designed.  It’s nothing special, but I have to give credit to where credit is due.

Twists: There are some noticeable twists compared to some other games of this type that I have played.  For example, you must wait until the robber draws his gun before shooting, and some robbers may pull out a gun or money to deposit.  There are numerous types of enemies, each with their own ‘draw’ speed.

Numerous Enemies: Like I mentioned above, there are many, many enemies in this game.  Each one has their own little twist to them, and I found each one to be challenging.  Remembering their little twists was a challenge in itself, and I found myself enjoying the onslaught on enemies.


Online Highscores: Westbang does include online highscores for each level of difficulty, but the fact that you have to exit out of the app itself is somewhat annoying.  I wish Rake In Grass would add an in-game online highscore list for convenience and whatnot.  This is totally do-able since individual developers add in-game highscore tables all the time.

Repetitive: The game’s a simple game with not much too it.  After a while, it does get pretty boring as all you are doing is shooting people over and over.  Rake In Grass was probably aiming for the casual gaming group, but repetitiveness is present.

Westbang is a good game, but some annoying flaws prevent this game from becoming the best.  I found the game to be very repetitive, and the gameplay was a little bit slow.  Citizens would stand in the doorway for a little too long, and I didn’t really feel the game was as much fun as I thought it would be.  I didn’t really keep my expectations high for this game, but Westbang seems a little too simple for my taste.  Simple is good, but not this simple.


Westbang was developed by Rake In Grass, and I played through version 1.2 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $0.99, and there is a lite version to try before you buy.



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