Guitar Rock Tour 2 Review: I Wanna Rock N’ Roll All Nite

Gameloft has been on a roll lately announcing almost 4 games including Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and Modern Combat: Sandstorm.  They just recently released Guitar Rock Tour 2, the sequel to their other rock rhythm game Guitar Rock Tour.  With so many other rhythm games in the App Store, competition is extremely tough, and rhythm games need to offer more than looks nowadays.  Guitar Rock Tour 2 has the looks, but does it have that pinch of fun?


Various Characters: Guitar Rock Tour 2 features many characters, around 10, and each one has their own style and look.  I really like choosing your own character, which is very similar to Guitar Hero for the consoles.  Character models aren’t bad either, and I found the characters to be pretty well designed.

Great Graphics: Want to see good graphics?  Look at Guitar Rock Tour 2.  Background images are clear, crisp, bright, and just plain beautiful.  Gameloft has been pretty consistent in providing great graphics in all their games, and Guitar Rock Tour 2 is no different.  The big showers of sparks and lights flashing through the stage is beautifully rendered to look somewhat realistic and most important of all, good.

Song List: Song list isn’t too long; the game only features around 18 songs.  Although the song list is small, I found each song to be true to classic rock and not the present day music we call rock.  One of my main gripes in Guitar Rock Tour was the fact that it included Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne and called it rock.  Guitar Rock Tour 2 seems to improve the song list, and I found to enjoy every song so far.


Not Too Difficult: I found the game to be pretty easy, and each song was not a pain at all to pass.  Compared to BeatRider Touch, Guitar Rock Tour 2 was a breeze to play even on the highest difficulty level, and the game was just too easy.  Don’t get me wrong, some songs had some difficult notes to hit, but overall the songs were all easy to pass.

Repetitive: Playing the songs and unlocking each location was a little repetitive, and I found it to be somewhat of a burden to play more than 3 songs in a row.  1 or 2 songs in a row was okay, but playing the game for over 15 minutes got pretty repetitive.  I think this does have to do with the easy difficulty, but again, the game is apparently a little repetitive.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 is a significant improvement from Guitar Rock Tour, and I found the new additions to be welcoming.  Once Gameloft ups the difficulty a little bit, the game can be a perfect rhythm game.  From all I know, Guitar Rock Tour 2 is the closest game you will ever get to Guitar Hero for the iPhone unless, of course, Activision releases their own version of Guitar Hero.  Gameloft did a pretty good job with executing and creating an overall enjoyable game experience, and the game should be on your list if you even slightly liked the first version of this game.


Guitar Rock Tour 2 was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 2.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $4.99.



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