Civilization Revolution Out Now, Available for $4.99

As a surprise to everyone, 2K Games has published Civilization Revolution for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  There was no word on this coming, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to the app store.  Civilization Revolution has launched at $4.99, with a lite version also available.

Sid Meier’s Revolution games are famous for letting you run a civilization and interact with others in any way you’d like.  Your goal is to lead your civilization to ultimate power, through the decisions that you make and actions you take. You’re able to choose your path that you’d like to take to try and achieve victory: military, cultural, economic or scientific.  There are a total of 16 civilizations to choose to lead, and the game touts that it has all the features that the console counterparts contain.

Civilization Revolution is available for $4.99, or you can try the lite version for free.




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