Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Review: Golf Like Never Before

Glu Mobile has come a long way in the App Store market, starting with their title Space Monkey and climbing through the ranks with Glyder.  Just recently, they released Mini Golf Wacky Worlds which seems to take the mini-golf genre to the next level with great graphics and vibrant colors.  Of course, great graphics and vibrant colors doesn’t always mean great gameplay and with some worthy competitors in the App Store, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds may or may not prove to be a flop.


Graphics: Like mentioned above, I thought the graphics were really well done.  Character models are comical, design is accurate, and artwork is nice and clear.  There aren’t any inaccurate 3D models or misplaced fonts, everything looks just right.  Really like the looks of the game, and I believe Glu did a great job with them.

Collectibles: Golf game Let’s Golf! is known for its wonderful implementation of unlockables and equipment.  In Mini Golf Wacky Worlds, a similar system is implemented in that you gain points for every par, birdie, etc., and you use those points to buy characters and clothing.  Of course, the points required to buy a character are far from low, and there is also a wide variety of items.

Achievements: Mini Golf Wacky Worlds features a slew of achievements, and although it isn’t as much as, let’s say, Baseball Sluggers, they are adequate enough for you to want to accomplish them.  And again, they aren’t so much that you don’t want to accomplish a single one.  Each one is do-able, and you shouldn’t feel frustrated or obligated to achieve all of them.

Level Design: One thing that is extremely crucial in all mini-golf games is the level design.  Each hole must be designed uniquely and accurately, and each hole must be creative enough to keep a golfer immersed in the gameplay.  Mini Golf Wacky Worlds does a great job with designing each hole uniquely, and I found each hole to be well designed.  The levels are all very creative, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t take a week to come up with all the floor plans for all these holes.


Response: I found the response in the menus and scrolling through the achievements was a little bit sluggish on my 1st generation iPhone.  The lag and unresponsiveness did not happen in the game while putting, but the menus seemed to be a little unresponsive.  An update should fix this problem since it has happened even after restarting my phone.

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds is a solid mini-golf game with a minor flaw that may not even be present on the 2nd generation devices.  The level design, graphics, etc. is well done, and the game itself is just plain fun.  I didn’t really find any major problems during the game, and everything ran pretty smoothly.  One thing that I absolutely love about the game is the ability to buy characters.  This game provides so many different items and characters to buy it’s almost unreal, and I found the number to be overwhelming.  Mini-golf fans will surely be pleased by this wonderful game from Glu.


Mini Golf Wacky Worlds was developed by Glu Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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  1. I agree about Glu Mobile, they’ve definitely become a company to watch out for. I’ll have to give this one a shot. Nice review!

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