Harbor Master Meets Pocket God in Latest Updates

The developers behind Harbor Master and Pocket God have teamed up and featured integration with each others’ game in their latest updates.

Imangi has been significantly updating Harbor Master biweekly with new episodes.  The fourth episode, called “Pocket God Attacks!”, has the option for you to swap out boats for pygmies.  The game plays as usual, and the mode can be disabled if you want to play as normal again.  Want to enable the pygmies?  “To unlock, hold down the Harbor Master logo for at least 3 seconds, until the dancing pygmy falls from the sky. Then play as usual! To disable Pocket God mode, just flick the pygmy away. Make sure you have your sound on!”

Bolt Creative have done a similar integration in episode 23, the latest update to the widely successful Pocket God.  Titled “Bait Master”, it brings in pirahnas: “push the water to trigger a Tsunami to take the pygmies to the underwater ruins. Touch the new item, the Harbor Master anchor to attract hungry piranhas…and the pygmies are the Bait! Draw a line from piranhas to the pygmies to guide the piranha to its meal.”

All this new content comes free as updates to owners of Harbor Master and Pocket God.  If you don’t own these games yet, both are available for $0.99.  I reviewed Harbor Master earlier and recommended a buy.


2 thoughts on “Harbor Master Meets Pocket God in Latest Updates

  1. I love Harbor master. Pocket God is okay, but is best played in 5 minute intervals or gets a bit boring. Just can’t seem to activate ‘Pygmy mode” in Harbor Master!

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