Guitar Rock Tour 2 Released: New Songs, DLC Coming Soon

Gameloft‘s new music rhythm game Guitar Rock Tour 2 has just come out for $4.99.  The game is familiar to those who have played the original, or any of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games.  You choose a song, and notes scroll down to the bottom of the screen which you must tap in rhythm.

The game features drums and guitar to play with, and highlights these songs as some of the best ones: “Call Me, Born To Be Wild, Sweet Home Alabama, 9 In The Afternoon, Paranoid, Helicopter, I Love Rock ‘N Roll, I Wanna Rock, Woman”. It’s important to remember that all the songs are cover versions.

Downloadable content is what really makes this sequel interesting.  While none are available yet, you will be able to pick and choose new songs to purchase and add to your music collection in the game.  There’s no word on the pricing for new songs.

If you’d like to try out the game before buying, there is a lite version of the previous game available.  Otherwise, check out Guitar Rock Tour 2 on the app store.




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