Spy Bot Chronicles Review: Take That Thief Bot!

IUGO Mobile Entertainment, the creators of the wonderful Star Hogs, has released their newest game Spy Bot Chronicles.  If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s a 2D platformer similar to the likes of Mario.  I really don’t know what else to compare it to as Spy Bot Chronicles is pretty similar, and we haven’t seen many platformers on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The story goes that the Thief Bot has kidnapped Toy Bot (yes, the beloved Toy Bot), so Spy Bot must go and rescue Toy Bot from the Thief Bot’s evil clutches.  There are also other stolen goods that you can collect, each one giving Spy Bot a certain power or special ability.  Your collection will then appear downstairs where you can marvel at your skill and prestige.


Collectibles: Like I mentioned above, the collectibles are pretty much a big part of the game.  But it isn’t like your normal platformer where you all of a sudden learn 3 or 4 skills.  In Spy Bot, you must find these collectibles wrapped individually to learn the skill, etc.  In most platformers, your character has one or two skills like double jump and shoot, but Spy Bot contains around 30 different skills and collectibles to master and collect.  Now that’s impressive.

Artwork: What can I say.  Artwork is very well done with clear graphics and a cartoony feel.  The menus are nicely designed, and this game really feels like a true platformer.  Artwork is one factor that plays a major part in the game since if it was bad, I would not have liked this game as much.  But really, I think IUGO does a great job with the artwork in all their games.

Content: This game features a lot of content that should include around 30 levels.  There are also secret levels that you can discover, so there should be more than 30 levels.  Each level should take around 10-15 minutes, which adds to around 5-7 hours of gameplay.  That’s plenty for a $0.99 game.

Music: The music for the game is pretty well done, and I found that the game revolved around the music.  Each area has it’s own type of music, and I found it to be intense, yet not intense enough to be stressful.  IUGO did a great job with implementing the music so that it doesn’t sound irritating, and even if you don’t like the music, there’s iPod playback support for 3.0 users.


Misplaced Font: The font for the game seems a little misplaced and awkward.  When you start a level, a sign will come up telling you what level and level name you are on, and the font in that sign seemed a little misplaced.  This does need some work as that font is certainly not an IUGO level of polish.

Controls: Controls aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, but they do need some work.  I would find myself jumping while trying to shoot and vice versa.  The touch area for the jump button and directional arrows seem to be larger than the buttons themselves, so shooting seemed to be a little off.

Bottom line, Spy Bot Chronicles is one of the best platformers I’ve encountered on the App Store.  It’s worthy enough to sit on the right hand of Castle of Magic and worthy enough to make Bounce On bounce off.  I really like the design for this game, and the content is plenty for the average iPhone gamer.  This isn’t a 2 week, sloppy job but a full-on platformer that’s basically unrivaled.  If you liked Toy Bot Diaries, this one is definitely a must have. And even if you didn’t, Spy Bot Chronicles is a solid platformer that’s sure to please.


Spy Bot Chronicles was developed by IUGO Mobile Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on a limited time sale for $0.99.



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