Besieged Review: Siege This Castle

Squiddle Games recently released Besieged, a castle defense game that looks to provide some great graphics and artwork.  The graphics and artwork are beautiful, no complaints there, but is it fun?  Most castle defense games seem to fail for many reasons like gameplay balancing and poor artwork.  Let’s take a closer look and see if this is a worthy contender.


Graphics: The graphics are exceptionally well done in this game, and it used the Unity 3D engine to make.  I found the graphics and artwork to be very smooth and very fitting with the whole theme.  The skeletons are very detailed, and I found the arrows and particle effects for the fire to be well done.

Balancing: The game is balanced extremely well, no complaints at all.  I found the earlier levels to be extremely easy, but as the game progressed there were more and more obstacles to face and the enemies became stronger and stronger.  Some castle defense games seem to totally mess up on balancing whether it’s too easy or too hard, but Besieged feels just right.

Upgrades: The upgrades for this game are numerous, and although it does need more types of arrows, there are options to chose how many archers, reload time, arrow damage, and arrow knockdown.  Of course, there are options to increase the fortifications of your castle, heal, and other castle related upgrades.

Controls: The controls for this game is a simple mechanic that works extremely well.  The game is basically tap to shoot, which is one of the simplest controls for a game.  In this game, the controls don’t do too much and execute well.  Some castle defense games seem to try way too hard on the controls when all you need is a tap to shoot mechanic.


A Little Short: With only 12 levels, this game won’t last very long.  I’ve climbed all the way to level 10 in around 30 minutes- 1 hours which is definitely not enough for an iPhone game.  Although it’s short, I guess that’s what you get for paying $1.99.  After your castle gets overrun, you have to restart the whole process again so that may add to the replay value.

Highscores?: In a game that tracks the highscores, there should be atleast a local highscore board.  Besieged offers none, which is extremely lazy on their part because highscore boards usually add to the replay value, etc.  The lack of highscores is somewhat irritating since the game is all about achieving the highest score.

Only One Map: Through those short 12 levels, you’ll get exactly one background and one castle design.  Generally, the game seems to be lacking in the content department, and I would love it if they added some new levels and maps in an update instead of releasing Chapter 2.

All in all, Besieged offers some great castle defense with some flaws here and there.  The core gameplay is solid, and execution is adequately done.  I can’t feel anything but feel satisfied with this game.  Sure the game is lacking in content and maps, but the execution is so well done you don’t really have time to pay attention to the flaws.  If the developer is reading this, please add a highscore board because that alone would add so much to the game.


Besieged is developed by Squiddle Games, and I played through version 1.1 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $1.99.



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One thought on “Besieged Review: Siege This Castle

  1. Hey Daniel!

    I just saw the link to your review in toucharcade! Thanks so much for taking the time to look at our game when there are so many to choose from.

    I think your assestment of the game is spot-on. We had to get chapter 1 out the door, but rest assured there is a lot more to come. To address some specific points:

    A little short / Highscores: Stay tuned for a level of difficulty, currency system to unlock new features, and full social networking system (leaderboards, challenge a friend, etc) we are integrating now. Rather than go with a quick/simple solution, we are adding a very significant system that will offer all the features we need for the entire lifetime of the game.

    Only 1 map: Each chapter will likely only have 1 environment (unless players cry out for more!), but many unique weapons, enemies, etc. Special weapons you ‘earn’ in chapter 1 can be carried over to future chapters as well, so make sure to max out volley and fire arrow when playing chapter 1 🙂

    Thanks again for your time, and a very poignant review!

    The Besieged Team @ Squiddle Games

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