FunkyHOOPS Review: Funky Yet Clunky

Solus Games, the creators of PocketSports Football and Stragea, released FunkyHOOPS just recently in honor of their other game Funky Punch.  This game in particular looks very similar to all their other games with the Microsoft Paint look and ugly interface.  But to make up for the looks, Solus Games usually have really fun games.  Let’s see if FunkyHOOPS follows in line with Solus Games’s reputation.


Teams: FunkyHOOPS features 6 teams, each with their own stats and skills.  This is a really nice feature since you’re able to chose the team you think will work best whether all the stats are even or one stat is more than the other.  Although the number of teams is limited, I love how Solus Games included the stats and skills for each team.

Customization: For some reason, most of the recent games that I have played feature some adequate customization.  In FunkyHOOPS, you get the choice of 3 levels of difficulty, 6 teams, quick play or league, 2 camera views, and 12, 18, or 24 point games.  It seems that the more the App Store grows, the more customizations and features are available.  Customization is not lacking in this game, and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Solus Games gave us choice.


User Interface: I really don’t have to say anything more.  User interface is extremely clunky and look as if it went through a garbage decompressor.  This has been an ongoing problem in all of their games, and FunkyHOOPS is no different.  Interface needs a lot of work and needs a lot of enhancements to even compete with $0.99, indie dev games.

Graphics and Animations: The graphics in this game also look really bad.  This isn’t a game that shows off what the iPhone is capable of, and I’m surprised Solus Games continues to produce games with such disgusting graphics.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual effort because many indie devs produce some great artwork.  Animations are also very iffy, and the characters seem to be floating instead of walking or running.

Did I Overshoot?: No matter what you do, how powerful you shoot or how weak you shoot, the ball always hits the backboard and the rim.  Always.  This is extremely mediocre on their part because I know for a fact that I don’t hit the backboard and rim everytime I shoot.  Of course, if you hit the mark just right, your shot goes in but otherwise, the ball hits the backboard and rim.

Iffy Controls: The control idea for the game works well, but the execution is poorly done.  The onscreen d-pad is a little small, even for my petite fingers, and I can see people with huge fingers having problems with this game.  The button response for the controls is also very unresponsive, and I have to tap twice for the screen to register most of the times.  Control idea is great, but it needs some work.

FunkyHOOPS is a great little basketball game, but it needs some work in the art department.  The controls also seemed a little iffy, and I can’t see myself playing this for long.  This is one of the first full-on basketball game that shouldn’t be easy to beat, and Solus Games has set a pretty low bar for the iPhone’s introduction to basketball.  Yeah, it’s fun, but I’m pretty sure someone will come out with a basketball game that features some huge improvements compared to this game.  If you’re dying to get a basketball game, this game’s a no brainer, but if you can wait I suggest that you do.


FunkyHOOPS was developed by Solus Games, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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