Ranch Rush Review: Fresh For Picking

FreshGames, LLC has recently released Ranch Rush for the iPhone and has garnered a huge amount of sales, resulting in high spot in the App Store rankings.  The game seems to have been well-received by the community, but why?  At first glance, I thought Ranch Rush was just another time management game with a different look to it and a few little twists here and there.  I guess a lasting impression is better than a first glance in this case.


Graphics: Graphics for Ranch Rush are extremely crisp and clear, and it looks closer to real life than a game.  The detail in the grass is noticeable, and the 3D player models are well done.  I must say that the graphics are one of the few standout points in this game, and they’re a lot better than the other time management games I’ve seen.

Achievements: Although achievements may be no biggy to most, it’s definitely welcoming in a game of this type.  Achievements usually add to the replay value of the game, and it’s definitely something that’s enjoyed by most iPhone gamers.  Ranch Rush features around 18 achievements for your pleasure, and each one tells you how to achieve it.

Strategy: In most of the time management games I’ve played, they were more about speed than strategy.  In Ranch Rush, an interesting twist makes it so that the game requires a little bit of strategy to move onto the next level.  The placement of your crops, animals, etc. are crucial in moving on in the game, and if the placements are off, then you have to redo your whole lawn.


Awkward Menu: I found the menu button response to be a little awkward, and button response wasn’t too great either.  I would be sitting and wondering if I pressed the right button or not, and the button highlight is non-existent.  This would really add to the whole feel of the game, but for now, they need to fix up the menus a little bit so they feel nice, not just look nice.

Automatic Moving: When moving to the end of the screen, instead of the screen moving, it just stays there.  It’s somewhat hard to explain if you haven’t played the game yet.  If try to move off the screen, the screen should move automatically to view the next section, but instead it stays where it’s at and you must manually move the screen to the correct position.  This was a little frustrating since the game is all about fighting for time.

Sound: The sound is great and all, but I did find the music to be looping over and over again, and the looping is clearly obvious when playing the game.  Maybe making it a little bit less obvious would be nice.  Another little bug/annoyance I found with the sound was the fact that when you turn off your device by tapping the top button, the music would still keep playing even though my device was turned off.  This isn’t exactly something most users would like, and you must either quit the game or turn off the sounds before pressing the power button.

Ranch Rush is a wonderful time management game that has it’s little pests here and there but is revived with its fresh and frantic gameplay.  The dislikes that I mentioned are just small annoyances at most that hinder the gameplay only slightly.  For $1.99, you get a fully featured time management game with atleast 8-10 hours of gameplay.  Gorgeous graphics, adequate content, and interesting twists make Ranch Rush a worth time management game.


Ranch Rush was published by FreshGames, LLC, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on a limited time sale for $0.99.  The original price is $1.99.



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