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Sector3 Games, the creators of the the real-time arcade shooter Tankz, are planning to release another similar game called Turret Wars.  The game was originally released for the Mac, but they decided to port it over to the iPhone.  If you’re a fan of these turn-based tank games, Turret Wars seems to appeal to those players, although it does walk away from the traditional campaign levels.

Turret Wars is a different take on the original campaign leveled, turn-based artillery games, and it’s a game that actually doesn’t include campaign levels at all.  A game can be started by choosing your turret type, map, number of enemies, and difficulty.  There’s also an option to change between real-time and turn-based, and I personally loved the real-time mode of the game.  Each game ends when all the enemy turrets have been destroyed, or you die from multiple hits.

Each tower contains a unique missile that can only be accessed by that certain tower.  For example, the federal tower has the ability to move the missile left and right during flight, and the space tower’s missile has the ability to self-explode if your aim is off.  Of course, once you make the missile self explode, you get another shot at hitting your enemy.

Customization is really something that sticks out in this game.  Before you begin the game, you have the ability to chose what turret type, difficulty level, game map, and real-time or turn-based.  In this game, you must set up your own game, and there are no pre-made levels in the game for your pleasure.  It’s all about customizing the game to your likes and trying to achieve the best score possible.

All in all, Turret Wars seems to be a unique take on turn-based artillery games that also offers real-time.  Real-time mode is a lot faster-paced than turn-based, and I happened to love the real-time mode.  It’s a simple “tank” game that isn’t as deep as let’s say Star Hogs, but it’s definitely one to look at if you’re a fan of this genre.  The graphics are especially good in this game, and artwork is beautifully designed.  Other than that, this game is definitely something you should look out for if you like these types of games, and it’s definitely a different take on the turn-based artillery games.  The game has been submitted and should arrive with us soon.

Turret Wars was developed by Sector3 Games, and the game will be published by clickgamer.



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