Aqua Moto Racing Review: Jet Skiing on Open Waters

Aqua Moto Racing brings the sport of racing jet skiis to the iPod Touch and iPhone. Feel liking taking a ride on the ocean? You don’t have too many options on the iPhone for this sport, so let’s see if Aqua Moto Racing is up to the task.

The game starts you off with a beginners class, and five other locked ones. You work your way through the starter class by winning races and gaining points from each finish to put towards winning each championship. If you finish high enough in the points standings, you unlock the next tour and get some points to spend on improving your rider’s abilities. The first class may seem too easy, but the lattter championships throw in difficult elements and are much more challenging. While racing, there’s a recharging boost meter that you can use to try and gain an edge on your opponent. Races are on fairly open waters, with coloured buoys indicating which side you should pass them on.


Amount of gameplay: If you’re looking to play the game to completion, there is a lot to do. All of the races will take at least a couple of hours to work through. The first couple of championships didn’t require any restarts, but as I went on it definitely got harder and even more time was spent on redoing races.  There’s also a quick reminder on the home screen displaying your percentage of completion, making you want to work towards the end of the game.

Scenery: The textures are a bit bland, but mountains and scenery that dotted the background of the races helped the feeling of immersion. Some races bring you right along the edge of the coast for some really narrow passages.


Am I On Water?: Despite the fact that you are racing on jet skiis, presumably in the ocean, the water feels unnaturally flat. Any waves are unnoticeable, and the only time I caught any vertical air was through scattered jumps. I would have loved to have seen the water have more of an effect on the race to add some variety. As it stands, I could have been riding a motorbike through a flat land with pilons to drive around and it’d feel the same.

I enjoyed Aqua Moto racing; the completionist in me kept wanting to keep progressing and working forwards. The game is not without its faults, but if you are looking for a racer to keep you busy for several hours, this may be right for you.


Aqua Moto Racing was developed by Resolution Interactive AB and is available for $3.99. I played on version 1.0.1 on an iPod Touch 2G.  There’s also a lite version to try before you buy.



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