CopterKid Review: Not Your Average Kid

Fiplab recently released CopterKid, an iCopter clone, that looks quite a bit different from all the other clones in the App Store.  Instead of cave walls and blocked obstructions, CopterKid comes with aliens, crazy airplane pilots, and other minor obstructions that’ll end the life of poor Calvin (or Cassie).  I’m sure most of you are tired of iCopter clones, and you probably have either overlooked this one or thought of it as boring or uninteresting.  But as I mentioned before, this isn’t your average child.


Artwork: Artwork in this game is well done and adequately designed to fit the theme.  Fonts, buttons, etc. are all simply designed, but look extremely hip.  The button highlight is also something that I found to be a nice addition, and it made the design look and feel a lot better.  In-game artwork is also beautifully done to feature more than one background and beautiful clouds and skies.

Control: One thing that most iCopter clones seem to mess up on are the controls.  Even in iCopter, the controls were horribly unbalanced, and I would find myself crash into the cave wall with a simple tap.  In CopterKid, the controls are honed so that you can control the kid through the nooks and crannies, but of course, that requires some skill.  The controls do need some getting used to, but they work extremely well and balance is impeccable.

Online Leaderboards: Finally, finally, FINALLY an iCopter clone features online highscores.  I’m not even talking about poorly designed, ugly interface highscore board; I’m talking about a beautifully designed, themed, highscore board that fits the whole game.  Online leaderboards are also easily accessible through the main menu, and local highscores are also available.


Variety: The game seems to be lacking in variety; it’s the same obstructions over and over again.  The new backgrounds and everything are great, but the game seems to be lacking in enemies.  Over a course of 3000 points, the enemies are basically the same: Loch Ness, pilot, and aliens.  Of course, once the game progresses, the enemies start shooting things at you and all that good stuff.  But again, it’s the same enemies over and over.

CopterKid is a surprisingly wonderful take on the iCopter genre, and I enjoyed playing with it.  The game contains some great artwork, great controls, and the god of all features: online leaderboards.  CopterKid is an impressive title, especially one made my two college graduates just out of college.  I hope to see more of these spiffy titles in the future, but for now, Copter Kid will suffice.  I can’t see myself playing this over and over though, but the game contains some great $0.99 fun.

On a side note, there is a contest going on for the best CopterKid player.  The best CopterKid player will receive $150, the second $100, and the third $50.  The current highest score is ridiculous, but if you’re up to the challenge, might as well.  If you decide to join, I hope to see you in the arena.


CopterKid was developed by FIPLAB Ltd., and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on a limited time sale for $0.99.



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  1. This game is absolutely fantastic! I like the story, the concept, the graphics and the sound effects too! I never play any games on my iPod Touch, but after trying this one, I feel challenged to keep beating my previous high score! And the sounds and graphics are phenomenal! This is a must-play game!

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