Match 3D Flick Puzzle Review: Match-3 With A Flick And A Twist

PlayScreen recently released Match 3D Flick Puzzle, a unique take on the match-3 genre that provides some interesting twists and turns.  Compared to its competition, it’s definitely unique, and the 3D aspect adds to the strategy and of course, the ultimate combos.  But here’s the catch for most of you: the price is $3.99, and it’s hard to shell out that much nowadays.  Even after playing the lite version, you can’t decide the one question most people ask.  Is it worth it?

The game can be described as a traditional, match-3 game that happens on a cube, which means explosions and combos can happen on every single side of the cube (for a total of 6 sides).  On a normal, 2D match-3 game, combos would be happening on one side and one side only.  If you’re a real match-3 guru, setting up for the ultimate explosion will take, theoretically, six times the brain and six times the concentration.  It’s all about aesthetics and partly luck.


Vibrant: One factor that I really found to work with the game is the vibrant colors.  The game really creates an upbeat atmosphere with spiffy music and blocks that smile back at you.  The general atmosphere of the game is really upbeat and energizing with a hint of spunk and style in it also.

Explode: The explosions and combinations can happen on any six sides of the cube.  So if you match 3 blocks on one side, it has the potential to blow up 20 blocks on 5 other sides.  It’s definitely confusing, but once you start to understand the basics, you’ll definitely start to appreciate it.  Strategy is upped a bit compared to the traditional 2D match-3 games, and it’ll take a little more brains than usual to cope with 6 sides instead of 1.

Customize: Customize your game in many ways.  It’s as simple as that.  Before you start a game, there are options to not include bombs, locked blocks, invisible pieces, etc., and you can customize your game until it satisfies your needs.  Change the game music, listen to your own iPod, don’t include particular pieces, the customizations are plenty.  If you don’t like vibrant, turn off the textures and play in a full retro mode.

Save Every Game: Start a new game and play through the levels.  Once it’s game over, your game will still be there, saved in the continue spot, and you can continue on from there.  If you went through many levels, all you have to do is play the saved game again and see if you can try to beat it.  Now that’s not all.  You can start multiple games, each one saved, and enjoy a little “multiplayer” per se.  Save your game, then hand it to a friend, then continue your game after your friend finishes.  It’s flawless, and works pretty well for a game of this type.


Awkward: I found the flicking of the wrist to change sides a little awkward, and although there are 3 different ways to switch sides, it’s called flick puzzle for a reason.  Sometimes, I would also find the side to be a little off center or tilted towards a direction, making the “flick to change sides” not work properly.  Dragging your finger to switch sides was also a little awkward, and you must be precise to keep the board somewhat in place.

Hard To Distinguish: One factor that was excellent in Bejeweled 2 was that fact that you could distinguish different jewels quite easily.  Match 3D Flick Puzzle has some hard to distinguish blocks, and each one looks vaguely similar to the others.  When looking at the board, each block is a different color, but the colors are so light that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish.  A darker color or maybe even different designs may solve the problem, but for now, the blocks seem to look vaguely similar when up close.

Match 3D Flick Puzzle offers some pretty neat twists and turns to the match-3 genre, and is recommended for puzzle fans of all ages.  It isn’t too hard for children to learn, and it isn’t too easy for adults to master.  The 3D effect really adds to the general game, and I really enjoyed the different look.  If you already own a match-3 game, it’s hard to say if you should buy another one, but if you haven’t played one yet, this one should be your match.  The game is definitely a lot better than Bejeweled 2, and it’s definitely worth shelling out another dollar for the game.  But again, if you already own a match-3, you might not see many differences in this game except for the 3D aspect.


Match 3D Flick Puzzle was developed by PlayScreen, and I played through version 1.05.14 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $3.99, but there is a free version to try before you buy.



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