Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review: Long Live Retro

Taito Corporation, the developers of the iPhone version of Cooking Mama, released an improved version of Space Invaders not too long ago, and it seems to improve the original Space Invaders quite a lot.  This game is a port of a Japanese mobile game, and it is quite similar in look and gameplay.  Game can be described as a top-down shooter, but what makes this one special is something that you would never expect.


Content: The game isn’t called infinity gene with no reason.  Theoretically, the game contains an infinite amount of levels unless of course, you possess every single song known to man.  Along with music-generated levels, there are a huge amount of levels in the campaign mode each with their own special design.

Design: The retro in this game is so retro that it’s unbelievably beautiful.  I was never really a fan of retro graphics, and 8-bit games always bothered me.  The design in Space Invaders Infinity Gene is especially designed to look retro, yet modern at the same time.  I really love the looks in Space Invaders, and the geometric shapes and explosions is extremely well done.

A New Experience: After releasing the original Space Invaders, Taito didn’t release another Space Invaders with the same concept and look.  I love how Taito worked on a wholly new experience that’s not a new concept altogether, but a concept that’s been upgraded and improved greatly.

Music-Generated Levels: The game includes an interesting feature that works, but something that’s a mystery.  The game generates levels based on (what seems like) the sounds and pitches of your music, then generates enemies and designs for the level.  I’ve tested the game mode with different songs, and each song plays different designed levels, but a song plays the same looking level.


Controls: This is a common problem among all top-down shooters, and it’s that your finger tends to block your view of your ship.  Although this hasn’t been a problem with other top-down shooters, Space Invaders Infinity Gene plays using a small spaceship for the ship and it tends to be a little smaller than usual.  Different control options would have been nice, but the current ones aren’t enough to ruin the gameplay.

Small: The whole game feels so… small.  The buttons, ships, options, etc. are all very small and sometimes hard to read (i.e. the exit button).  Although larger font would make the game look awkward, I found the buttons to be a little on the small side.  For those people with ham hands, the miniscule buttons and UI interface will bother you.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is an especially unique retro game that takes the top-down shooter genre to a new level.  Graphics are very unique and very retro, and some may not enjoy that aspect.  Other than that, the game is a wonderful addition to the App Store.  Music-generated levels, tons of campaign levels, and beautiful geometry make this game totally worth your purchase.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene was developed by TAITO Corporation, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $4.99.



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