Run Run Sheep Review: Try Sleeping Counting These Sheep

Itchy Mitshi released Run Run Sheep about a week ago, claiming it to be an original puzzle game full of different twists and turns.  The game comes packed with 100 individually designed levels and 4 difficulty levels.  The puzzle game is definitely unique and each turn is suspenseful.  To beat a level, simple guide your sheep to the flag without falling into a hole or getting eaten by a fox.  There are absolutely no time limits or limitations at all, it’s just pure puzzle solving.


Original: Like the developer advertised, the game is an original iPhone game (or any game for that matter) that takes the puzzle genre and adds some neat twists.  The game makes you think a lot along with a little bit of luck added in there.  Most of you people are dying for an original iPhone experience.  Well, Run Run Sheep is one of them.

Artwork: The artwork is well done.  Really wasn’t expecting too much or too little, but Run Run Sheep hits it right on the dot.  Designs are adequate, and user interface is clean and organized.  Artwork is also simple and casual, and it’s not too detailed or complicated.  For a game like this, the artwork works fantastically.

Easy to Learn: Run Run Sheep is extremely easy to learn, and it should be easy enough for a caveman to figure out.  Arrows direct the path of the sheep, and to place an arrow, just place it anywhere on the grid by simply tapping.  It’s extremely easy to learn, and if you don’t know how to play, there’s a wonderful help guide to help you out.


Music: Ok, so the developer advertises the game as having a wonderful musical score and sound FX.  Well to tell you the truth, music was really bothersome to my puzzle guru awesomeness.  The sheep “baaa-ing” all the time was also starting to test my concentration level; something less obnoxious would have been fine.

Not Motivating: There’s no motivation factor in the game.  Ok, beat all the levels and see how each level looks like?  Usually, most puzzle players play to earn a medal or gain rank in a highscore board.  Run Run Sheep has nothing like that; it only has levels with nothing else.  For a game like this, a medal system or even online highscores would be nice.  It would add to the replay value a lot.

Run Run Sheep is definitely a nice little game that will appeal to puzzle players, but lack of motivation is the key thing that’s lacking in this game.  It’s original and all, but this game really needs to implement a medal system for the game to be anything near interesting or ground-breaking.  The game itself is a great idea, and with a few additions it could be great.  I found the game to be also very challenging, so Run Run Sheep will probably appeal to only the real puzzle fans.  Children and others will most likely find the game difficult and/or a little frustrating.


Run Run Sheep was developed by Itchy Mitshi, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is on a limited time sale for $0.99.  Original price is $3.99.

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