Moon Drop Review: I Love These $&#% Astronauts on this %#&$ Pod

Moon Drop is the latest release from NimbleBit, who specializes in the casual gaming market. Astonauts are floating in space, and you’re called in to help.

The game has you guiding astronauts down to a landing pod, and making sure they approach at a decent speed. To control them, you place one finger on the screen. Wherever your finger is located, the astronauts are propelled in the opposite direction by their jets. Each increasing level has you landing more and more astronauts. Your game ends once three have crashed and missed the landing pod, and from there you start over.


Easy to learn: Moon Drop looks deceptively simple. Guiding down a couple is easy, but once you start climbing up through the levels it begins to get really challenging. Astronauts begin to get out of your control and start flying by. They make sure to comment on your control at the end of each level, which leads me to my next point.

Commentary: The comments that astronauts give you really make this game a standout. They’ll reference other iPhone games, say Apple fanboy comments (“I hope there’s an Apple store around here”), or even drop a Samuel Jackson line (“I’m tired of these @&$#% astronauts on these +=#%$& pods!”). I loved this part and always looked forwards to what they’d say.

The name NimbleBit has become synonymous with quality casual games on the app store. Moon Drop is simple and funny, and for $0.99 it’s worth your money.


Moon Drop was developed by NimbleBit and is available for $0.99. I played through version 1.0 on an iPod Touch 2G.



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