Monster Pinball Review: Unique Look and Style

Monster Pinball is one of the many available pinball games on the app store. Some are remade from classics, abd others are completely new titles. This game falls in the latter category, but is there anything that sets this one apart from its competitors?

The game is played by touching the bottom corners of the screen to hit the paddles. When the game starts, you see a pinball board and begin playing. If you manage to hit a connecting area of the board, your ball gets sent to a completely different pinball board and you continue playing. There are several different boards, each featuring their own unique style and game changing enhancements. There are lots of different and interactive parts of the board that you can trigger by hitting certain target areas. The name “monster” in the title comes from the characters you’ll find throughout the game.


Smooth running: When playing through Monster Pinball, the framerate stayed amazingly smooth and it ran great. I never experienced any lag.

Art style: This was my favourite part of Monster Pinball. Each playing field had a rich colour palette and stood out against the other pinball boards. Different characters were featured on each board, and they were instantly recognizable.

Connected boards: I thought the mechanic of connected boards was a fun one. Knowing that I was safe from losing a ball when on the higher up boards was comforting, and a goal to try and make when starting a new game.

I’m not a big pinball fan, but I enjoyed Monster Pinball a lot. The crisp framerate, unique art style, and different boards make it a great game for any pinball fan or those looking for a casual game. I’ll be pulling this one out when I need a quick pinball fix.


Monster Pinball was developed by Matmi and is available for $3.99. I played on version 1.1 on an iPod Touch 2G.



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