GraviTicks Review: Lost In Space

Sturmware released GraviTicks a few weeks ago, and it seems to be a beautifully made space game.  Of course, I’m sure some of you may be tired of space shooters and shooters like these in general, but if they’re done right, they can be great.  GraviTicks seems to take on a different angle for these space shooters with a 3D look and planets that look like actual planets.


Graphics: Not much to say about the graphics except that they’re 3D and look great.  The game is built using the Unity 3D engine, and the design that went into the planets and space in general is nicely done.  The blue flame trail behind your ship looks really nice, and the overall look is well designed.

Menu Designs: The menu designs for GraviTicks are very clean and well laid out.  There aren’t any awkward looking fonts or buttons that look out of place.  Design is very well thought out and executed, and I thought the developer did a nice job with the overall design department.


Framerate Issues: The game needs some serious fixes with framerate.  It can run smooth at times while other times the game would pause then go, pause then go, etc.  Framerate is extremely important for a game like this, and the framerate is extremely choppy.  It definitely needs some fixes in this area.

Controls: Tilting to move is extremely hard to do, and even with the brake, I would still crash into planets or get lost in space.  It’s extremely frustrating when a game has bad controls and bad framerate, and these controls need some work.  Turning is almost impossible, and flying was more of a frustration than joy.

Jerky Screen: Along with control issues, the screen starts shaking when trying to turn at times.  The screen would start twitching like crazy when trying to turn, and it doesn’t fit in quite well with the tranquil space theme.  Smooth turning is not present in this game as the jerky screen is especially bothersome.

No Online: I mean really?  A game of this type usually includes online highscores.  There are free options available like OpenFeint for online highscores, and there should be no reason to not include them.  The game’s whole purpose is to beat your highscore, but without online highscores, it lacks replay value.

Lost In Space: I would continually find myself to be lost in space, resulting in a game over.  Sometimes, even by slightly tilting for a few seconds, I would be confronted with the horrendous “Lost In Space” sign.  Even at the beginning of the game while flying for a few seconds, I would experience the same sign.

GraviTicks has some good ideas, but it’s extremely bogged down with bugs, bad controls, bad framerate, and no online highscores.  There needs to be some serious updates added to this game because I have yet to play a game that lasts more than 10 seconds before the game starts getting frustrating.  Graphics are great and all, but gameplay needs some work.  The idea for the game is a good one, but execution is mediocre and poorly done.


GraviTicks was developed by Sturmware, and I played through version 1.0.2. on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $0.99.



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  1. Hello All!

    This is Sturmware, developers of GraviTicks..

    Just wanted to let all know that read this that updates are hopefully coming soon. And if you purchased GraviTicks v1.0.2, we thank you and ask you to be patient! It will get better!

    More to come, please see for additional information.

    Thank you!

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