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First Look at Minigore

Chillingo released the highly anticipated Minigore last night for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Minigore features some great artwork, enemy design, and some nice little twists to the survival shooter genre.  Of course, it’s not a perfect game and it’s definitely not a full-on game with campaign mode and whatnot.

Minigore features a choice of two guns: a shotgun and a machine gun.  The machine gun is your default weapon and along the way you’ll start to pick up the shotgun.  There are also bombs that are dropped by the enemies and when you hit them, they explode every enemy within range.  The weapons department in this game is somewhat lacking compared to iDracula, but the developers have promised to release episode updates similar to that of Pocket God.

The game also only has one map in the initial release, and although it is a nicely designed map, it’s lacking compared to iDracula which has around 5 maps.  The map provided in Minigore is actually really nicely designed with some great details and great look.  I would have liked for more maps, but I guess I’ll just have to see how the game develops once those updates start rolling out.

All in all, Minigore isn’t anything special or awesome, it’s just another survival shooter.  Sure it does have some great graphics and some great voiceovers, but apart from that the gameplay is lacking.  It is definitely fun though and adds OpenFeint support, something that iDracula was sorely lacking.  Online highscores for a game of this type is definitely a wonderful addition, and I can’t wait to see what the developers have in store next.  For $0.99, don’t expect too much in the initial 1.0 version but expect some cool updates to come.  Personally, I can’t wait until the Enviro-Bear co-op multiplayer arrives.  For now, Minigore is a pretty impressive title graphically with some laughs involved.

  1. VideoGuyMan7 on Thursday 30, 2009

    looks awesome! nice First Look Daniel! I’m going to pick this game up soon!

  2. [...] It’s charming and polished, but I wish it were less of a one-trick-pony. It’s like MiniGore all over again — it makes a brilliant splash, until you realize the pool is only waist deep [...]