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Two Notable Sales: Star Defense and Spore Origins

Many games have started to go on sale or release a lite version.  Seems like some high-profile games aren’t an exception as Star Defense and Spore Origins have dropped significantly in price.  Both are recommended for the sale price, and each one has some notable features and enjoyable gameplay.

Star Defense: One of the more sophisticated tower defense games in the App Store, it received a buy from us.  It features some beautiful 3D graphics, and for $2.99, it should be picked up.  There are some basic tower defense features missing, but the game itself is quite a beauty.

Spore Origins: Spore Origins has dropped from $4.99 to $0.99.  The game came out way back in September of last year, and it was a pretty impressive title.  The game features around 30 levels and some cute environments.  For $0.99, this shouldn’t be passed up if you don’t own it already.

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