Resident Evil 4 Review: A Good Infection

Among many of the critically acclaimed console games, Resident Evil 4 sits high on the top of the list looking down upon the other unworthy competitors.  Of course, the game has been extremely popular amongst gamers to get it up to the top of the list, and so Capcom received a huge amount of money from Resident Evil.

Anywho, it would make sense for Capcom to port their famous gold mine to the App Store, another gold mine, and see if the millions of fans with iPhones would buy their game.  The game itself is a great game, and although I have never played Resident Evil 4 for the PC or console, the iPhone version delivers a lot of great features and gameplay.  I’m sure this isn’t similar to the console or PC version at all, and I’m sure the console versions are better, but really?  As an iPhone game, it offers quite an immersive experience.


Graphics: Among the bunch of factors that make this game stand out, graphics have to be one of them.  They have been improved greatly compared to Degeneration, and the graphics are probably one of the best on the iPhone.  Details are impeccable, and zombies are actually a tad bit scary looking.

Content: The game features 12 levels, each one taking around 15-20 minutes.  It also includes 24 mercenary levels for your pleasure, totaling to around 36 levels.  This is quite a lot compared to other third-person shooters in the App Store, and I am well impressed with how much content the mobile version offers.

Bosses: At the end of each campaign level, there are bosses that range in variety and weaponry.  I found them to be quite enjoyable, and the variety of the bosses only added to the fun.  Chainsaws and huge fists are only a small part of the different types of bosses, and I found the boss fights to be quite challenging.

180 Degree Turning: One factor that I seriously thought was lacking in Degeneration was the 180 degree turn.  The controls in Degeneration were way too hard to handle because of the lack of 180 degree turning, but I found that Capcom added that to this game.  By double tapping on the virtual d-pad, you can turn 180 degrees in any direction, which I found to work pretty well and surprisingly very smooth.

Almost Non-existent Loading Times: When an iPhone game loads for an extremely long time, it takes away from the actual gameplay, and I find myself disliking the game because of the slow loading.  In this game, loading is extremely quick, and it feels like the game loads instantly even on my 1st generation iPhone.  This is beneficial when it comes to a user’s thoughts on the game, and the almost non-existent loading times made the experience a great one.


Difficulty: The game is somewhat difficult, and I’m not sure if it’s due to the interface or the controls.  It just seems that the game itself is extremely difficult, and it took me a while to get past the first level.  A choice of difficulty levels would be nice, although I don’t really expect Capcom to update their game a lot.

Clunky Interface: One of the major flaws in this game is its clunky interface.  Design is far from adequate, and I found the design of the interface to be absolutely disgusting.  Ok, they’re not THAT bad, but they’re definitely awkward and ugly.

Awkward Controls: As a third-person shooter, the game’s controls are improved from the first one, but still far from perfect.  One fact that I found was extremely difficult was aiming for a zombie, and quick shots are non-existent in the game.  I guess the game is more around patience and slow-paced gameplay, but quick shots would be nice when a zombie is right in front of you.  Knifing an enemy was also very awkward, and I found it very difficult to actually use the knife while standing still.

Resident Evil 4 is an extremely well done third person shooter for a mobile device, and I found the graphics to be absolutely beautiful.  They’re a lot better than Degeneration, in fact, the whole game is a huge improvement compared to the first one.  Capcom did a great job improving the gameplay, and they also made the gameplay a little more quick-paced.  For a mobile game, Resident Evil 4 exceeds in almost all departments except for interface design and controls.  Once Capcom fixes these two components, the game will be almost near perfect.


Resident Evil 4 is developed by CAPCOM, and I played through version 1.00.00 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $7.99.



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