Nano Rally Review: Cute Isn’t Everything

Sauce Digital recently released Nano Rally for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it provides a somewhat different racing experience than the other games that are found on the App Store.  One thing that makes this game stand out from the rest is, well, it’s cute.  The graphics and cars are extremely nano, and it seems like the game would be more directed towards children.


Artwork: The artwork found in Nano Rally is extremely well done, and the artist for this game is truly amazing.  I thought the artwork wasn’t too detailed, but the colors that were involved made it so that the artwork popped out.  The factor that makes Nano Rally Nano Rally would probably be the artwork.

Car Tweaking: Before each race, you have the ability to tweak your car with either high handling, high acceleration, etc.  Tweaking your car and testing which one works the best is a pretty nice feature in this game, and it makes the game somewhat set apart from the other racers.

Many Race Tracks: The race tracks in this game are abundant, and you won’t find a shortage of tracks to play in.  Unlocking them is also another deal which makes this game feature a lot of play time.  Unlocking maps is not an easy thing to do, and there are around 15 tracks or so to unlock.


No AI: The thing that I found was a little disappointing was the fact that there was no AI car to race against during a race.  Instead, you drive through the track as fast as you can without knowing how much time you need to receive first place.  The game may be set up this way on purpose, but I prefer racing against an AI.

Difficulty: Graphics are cute and artsy, so I would think that the game would be aimed more for children.  Instead, the game is actually extremely difficult to master and unlocking more racing tracks is extremely difficult.  It will take a very long time before you will see your name in the top 10, let alone first place.  Difficulty needs to be tweaked a bit, and getting used to the game takes a considerably long amount of time.

No Directions: In a racing game with beads and iPods as boundaries, you’re sure to get lost or go the wrong way.  Without directions on which direction to turn, it is sometimes difficult when you need to turn or which direction you need to go.  Although they are working on this in an update, this is something that should have been included in the initial release.

One Car: Aside from the car tweaking, there’s only one type of car available.  Different car color and design would have been a nice addition to the game instead of looking at one car type throughout the whole game.

All in all, Nano Rally is a sweet game with excellent artwork, but it does have its drawbacks.  No directions, one car, and all those other small factors make this game less than what it should be.  With improvements, of course, the game could be bumped up in rating, but for right now, the game is lacking.  The core gameplay is a great idea and execution is adequate, but nano factors play a big part in this game.  For $0.99 though, it offers an adequate level of quality and enjoyment.


Nano Rally is developed by Sauce Digital, and the price is $0.99.  I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.


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