DynoQuest Review: The Old Revived

StormBASIC is notoriously known for their simple, yet addictive games.  DynoQuest isn’t excluded from the bunch, and I thought the game was surprisingly addictive.  The engine they used here was very similar to the one used in Crash!!, and the design was also somewhat similar.  DynoQuest reflects upon their other games, and I thought it lived up to the “simple, yet addictive” reputation they have going for them.


Graphics: In almost all StormBASIC games, their graphics stand out as polished and well done.  The designs are simple, yet they’re enough to make an App Store gamer be satisfied.  The vibrant colors, dancing dinosaur, and menu screen is designed with bright and crisp colors that stand out.

Simple Gameplay Mechanic: The game is pretty simple, match the blocks in groups of four, and they will explode.  Once the game starts getting harder, more colored blocks will appear and blocks will start coming down faster.  It’s simple and something that iPhone gamers are used to.  StormBASIC implements the simple gameplay very well in DynoQuest, and I am not the least disappointed.

Controls: DynoQuest provides two different control options: swipe and grab or an onscreen directional pad.  Of course, it’s not an extensive list of control options, but it’s better than no control options at all.  Some users may prefer swipe, and some may prefer the d-pad, and I love how the developer gave the choice.  Each control method works pretty well, and the choice to choose either one is nice for such a simple game.


Repetitive: The game does get harder and harder as you progress, but it’s basically the same thing over and over.  The gameplay is simple, which is largely why the game becomes repetitive, but the ramping of difficulty makes the game even more repetitive.  Getting onto the online highscores is something that wouldn’t be quite important for casual gamers, and if you’re not into online highscores, the game definitely gets repetitive.

Unresponsive: I would sometimes find the controls to be very unresponsive when using the onscreen arrows.  They were somewhat innacurate, and although I prefer the onscreen arrows method, the arrows do get unresponsive.  Once the game progressed, it got frustrating to look on the bottom of the screen and continuously tap until the dinosaur moved.

Unoriginal: StormBASIC usually makes some great and original games, but this one doesn’t seem to be like that.  The game is very similar to Stoneloop’s Grab N’ Shoot mode, and the idea of the game is uninspired.  Although almost all games in the App Store are unoriginal, I would have liked it if StormBASIC came up with some twists to the gameplay.

DynoQuest is a great little game with simple yet crisp designs and simple yet addictive gameplay.  Game does get repetitive, but I found this to be present in almost all games with a simple gameplay mechanic.  It’s definitely worth a look for $1.99, but don’t expect the world.  DynoQuest executes what it executes smoothly and adequately, and it’s definitely one for the kids.


DynoQuest is developed by StormBASIC and is available for $1.99.  I played through version 1.1.1 on my 1st generation iPhone.



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