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A Closer Look at Resident Evil 4

After Capcom released their somewhat clunky Resident Evil: Degeneration, they released Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition last night for $7.99.  The game itself is a huge improvement compared to Degeneration, and I thought it was worth a dollar more.  The only problem is, Degeneration was hardly worth $6.99, and this game seems to fair no better.

The clunky design and interface is still present in Resident Evil 4.  I was hoping Capcom would change the interface around so that it looked nice and organized, but the menus are still a jumble of words put together: a sad excuse for a menu.  Capcom really needs to work on interface design for their games, this one is an absolute confusing mess that feels cluttered and awkward for the average iPhone gamer, and I really hope they start to improve the interface.

Now that little rant is finished, I found the rest of the game to be quite enjoyable.  Although I have never played the Resident Evil series on any system, Resident Evil 4 for the iPhone is a well done third-person shooter, especially compared to all the other third person shooters in the App Store.  I found the game to be a lot faster-paced than Degeneration, and I also found the controls to be significantly improved.  There are sensitivity options for the icons and whatnot, and the controls worked pretty well for me.  Although they are far from being the best, Capcom has stepped up in the control department.

So is Resident Evil 4 worth it?  For $7.99, you get a full on third person shooter with great graphics and adequate controls that work.  I have never played Resident Evil on any other platform, and I found this game to be very nice compared to the other shooters on iPhone.  Aside from the clunky interface, Resident Evil 4 improves the slow gameplay and awkward controls in Degeneration.  If you’re a fan of the series, it should be a great experience for you, but don’t expect the console version.  From the heart of my bottom, I believe the game is a little expensive but totally worth it.

The price is $7.99, and the creators are Capcom.


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