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Personally, I’m completely tired and uninterested in match-3 games.  After Bejeweled 2, Treasures of Montezuma, etc., I was so tired of developers releasing match-3 games that I intentionally ignored them.  Without these match-3 games, my device has never been cleaner with more space, room, and memory.  Well that’s about to change as Puzzlings steps its foot onto App Store grounds.

When I first saw Puzzlings, I thought “wow, beautiful”.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Gameplay is a match-3, an addictive one that is, and I felt that it was just another developer trying to cash in some easy bucks by making the game look pretty and cute with no inspires gameplay that’s dull and absolutely uninteresting.  After I purchased Puzzlings, my thoughts were swept away by the beauty, magnificence, and awe this game provides to an individual.  Exploring the land of Puzzlings was like exploring a new jungle or even discovering that you just got free food at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  This, my friends, is beauty at its greatest.

Gameplay, like I mentioned above, is a match-3 game that provides unique twists and turns to this genre to make it more enjoyable while providing the same level of challenge.  I found the game to be very laid back and relaxed with no sense of stress or challenge, which provided a relaxing and overall enjoyable atmosphere.  The fact that you are able to customize your character with various clothes and accessories adds to the shallow, yet enjoyable gameplay, and I found myself laughing hysterically when I tried to make my creature look as ugly as possible.  There are around 15 or so levels to unlock/beat, and there is said to be over 120 items to customize your character with.  Each level should take around 15-20 minutes to complete, and although they aren’t very challenging, the customizable option makes a user keep going.

Graphics and artwork, again, are absolutely beautiful.  The puzzle pieces and the avatar/character is very nicely designed, and every (well from what I’ve seen) piece of clothing looks quite detailed on my character.  I cannot stress enough how beautiful this game is, and although it is a little too cute for my taste, I must commend Bight Games on how cute it is.  The artwork will definitely appeal to women, children, little girls, little boys, and maybe even grown men (secretly, right?).  Polish is clearly present, and the amount of time that went into this game is also quite obvious.

All in all, Puzzlings is a great addition to the match-3 genre, and I found it to be so good that it even redeemed the App Store match-3 reputation.  I did find the game to be a bit repetitive and a little short though, but that is the issue with most match-3 games is it not?  Puzzlings offers great customizable options, overall beautiful design, and surprisingly enjoyable gameplay.  If you have a child, girlfriend, mom, etc., this game has got to be on the top of your buy list, and if you’re a grown man, I still suggest this game to be worth a look.  Bight Games, I salute you.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that you can pose for a camera in this game.  Sweetness.

The price is $2.99, and the creators are Bight Games and Sonic BOOM Inc..

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