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First Look at Racer

When I first saw this game, I thought to myself “Nice graphics, gameplay looks so uninspired.”  Little did I know, Racer has the potential to be the next Flight Control.  It’s a bite-size or “snackable” game perfect for the App Store $0.99 economy right now, and it provides some fun worthy for hardcore and casual gamers alike.

Gameplay is very similar to all those flash games where you have to dodge all the incoming rocks.  In this case, you dodge incoming traffic while trying to race through the highway as long as you can.  Each car you pass counts as around 200 points, and after around 2 levels, you get another life.  The game starts out with 3 lives, and if you are skilled enough, those lives can keep climbing up and up until the top.  Of course, the game is far from being that easy and as each level passes by, the traffic gets faster, thicker, and more aggressive.  Once you run out of all your lives, you can post on the global leaderboard and see what place you rank among the thousands of other people.

Artwork and graphics are very nicely done, and everything is done with a level of extreme polish.  Just like Flight Control, this game offers some high-end artwork that should be placed in the Hall of App Store Artwork or something; it’s just that good.  I love the detail that went into the cars, and although there aren’t a variety of cars, each one has nice and crisp details to depict one from the other.  One feature that I found was quite intriguing was the fact that you can change the color of the car from green to red to a light or dark blue.

All in all, Racer is a simple game that offers everything an iPhone gamer could ever wish for.  It’s not one of those huge Real Racing type games with thousands of customizations and whatnot, but it offers adequate options and great gameplay.  The gameplay is very, very uninspired but what the developer did with this concept is absolutely amazing.  Online highscores, great graphics, and surprisingly addictive gameplay make this game a wonder.  This is casual gaming done right.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are Tatem Games.

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