Exclusive Hands-On With Snowferno

A lot of games in the App Store use the accelerometer controls for various reasons: driving a car, rolling a marble, etc.  Well in this case, the accelerometer is used for quite a peculiar reason: to escape the summer heat!  You’re a snowball traveling through the puzzling world, escaping heat to survive.  It’s a puzzle platformer that offers some great environmental puzzles that may not be obvious at first glance.

Gameplay is something similar to that of Super Monkey Ball and all those marble games in the App Store.  You are a snowball, and you can push blocks around to complete the path.  There are also switches that can be found within each level to alter the maze or path so that you can arrive at your destination.  There are a lot more little twists like making your snowball larger to cross a ditch, and melting your snowball so that you can fit through narrow passageways.  The snowball can be propelled forward by sliding your finger up on the left hand side of the screen, and tilting to move the camera angle and turn your snowball.  The current game version features 21 levels and each one doesn’t take a minute to complete.  I found that the earlier levels were quite easy, but once the game progressed, it became sheer challenge and sheer awesomeness.

Graphics are all accomplished using the Unity 3D engine, and the result is pure beauty.  The level design is also very nicely done, and the twists and curves are neatly designed.  Some levels have different backgrounds, etc. which make the game not look so bland and repetitive.  One thing that I really enjoyed were the 4 soundtracks, each one was nicely composed.  I also liked the fact that everything was in 3D, ranging from the switches to the snowball itself.

All in all, Snowferno should offer users some exciting gameplay.  It’s similar to Super Monkey Ball, but a little different since it is a puzzler.  Puzzles aren’t always easy to figure out, and some of you may be stumped.  Another factor that I quite enjoyed was the fact that each level is timed, and your best time is submitted to the online highscores to compete with the other users worldwide.  It’s an impressive title that offers some nice, puzzling fun and should be something you’re looking out for.  3D graphics, challenging puzzles, and awesome level design makes this game definitely worth a look.  The game has been submitted to the App Store and is currently awaiting approval.  Rolling snowballs around the world has never been so fun.

The price will be $1.99, quite cheap for a game like this.

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