First Look at Pinball Fantasies

Of all the pinball games in the App Store, Pinball Fantasies seems like one of the top ones.  It was great on the Amiga game system, and the iPhone version looks even better.  But does it play better?

Gameplay is what you would normally find in a pinball game: use the flippers and don’t let the ball get through.  Hit as many bumpers you can and complete missions to achieve the ultimate score.  In Pinball Fantasies, there are 4 tables provided, each with its own unique design and missions.  Personally, I liked the Stones N’ Bones table the best since I got the highest score from that table, but the other tables also provide some fun missions.  The tables include Party Land, Stones N’ Bones, Speed Devil, and Billion Dollar Gameshow.  Highscores can be found on the main screen by “staying still” until the highscores show up.  I would have preferred for them to be on the back of the disks, but for right now, they aren’t much of a problem.  The objectives and missions in this game seem to be a lot more clearer than Monster Pinball, and it seems to play very fast and smooth.

Graphics and animations are very nicely done, and they have been improved compared to the Amiga version.  The table and everything included within the table is very intricately designed, and the detail is impeccable.  I’m very impressed with the designs and really love what Cowboy Rodeo did with the menu screen.  The floppy disks that show which table you want to choose is really well done with a design that is absolutely flawless.  There is also a landscape mode provided with this game and is compatible with all tables and menus.

All in all, Pinball Fantasies is quite a game.  I enjoyed this one a lot more than Wild West Pinball and Monster Pinball, and it seems to be one of the best to date.  Clear objectives and intricate designs for each table make this a clear winner.  Although it is a direct port with little to no changes in gameplay, Cowboy Rodeo did a great job with preserving the gameplay and not butchering it with difficult controls or anything like that.  The game runs very smooth also, which is another huge plus to this game and an update has been submitted that will let the game run 60 frames per second on every device.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Pinball Fantasies, and although $5.99 is a high price, it certainly is worth every penny.  If you’re a pinball fan, this should be a no-brainer for most and should be purchased sooner rather than later.

The price is $5.99, and the creators are Cowboy Rodeo.

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