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Upcoming Baseball Slugger Update

If you haven’t seen this game yet, Baseball Slugger: Homerun Race 3D is one of the most addictive games in the App Store with wonderfully executed homerun derby.  This is the first online homerun derby game to hit the App Store and has got to be the best.

Anywho, Com2us is coming out with an update that totally redesigns the screens, and possibly even some more features.  Are you excited?


  • Online match-up mode (4 modes total)
  • OS 3.0 New Feature-iPod library Access
  • Player customization
  • iPhone/ iPod Touch optimized control: touch and accelerometer


So what are you waiting for?  If you haven’t downloaded Baseball Slugger: Homerun Race 3D yet, I suggest you run to the iTunes store and click the buy button.

The price is $2.99, and the creators are Com2us.

  1. DJ on Wednesday 22, 2009

    When is this update coming?

  2. Daniel on Wednesday 22, 2009

    Hey DJ,

    The update was released today.

    - Daniel