We’re In For A Shipwreck!

CandyCane, the makers of the highly acclaimed Fuzzle, has just released their newest game Shipwreck to the App Store.  The game is very similar to Harbor Master and Flight Control, but does it have what it takes to shine from the rest?

Gameplay is just like Harbor Master, drag the ships to the ports and unload the cargo.  The boats will unload automatically and drive away automatically, which is something I prefer over manually driving the ships out.  There are two different colors of ships, red and yellow, and there are around 3 types of ships for each color.  There is only one map in this game, and although the core of the gameplay is great, the execution was a little poor.  One map and two colors of ships is not quite enough to compete with Harbor Master which has 4 maps and Flight Control which also has around 3 or 4.  There are no noticeable twists in this game, and it feels like a direct copy of Harbor Master.  The ships automatically driving out of the harbor could be counted as a “twist”, but other than that, the gameplay is almost exactly like Harbor Master.  Another thing that I found was lacking was online highscores.  A game like this without online highscores is a pain, especially when it’s competition contains online highscores and much more.  The gameplay is a little bit faster-paced than Flight Control and Harbor Master, but there is a lack of a fast forward button.

Artwork is adequate enough to look great and feel great.  The artwork is probably the biggest plus to this game, and although all the other games offer great artwork, this one looks nice as well.  The docks and map could have been designed a little better, but the overall design was pretty well thought out, and the graphics are pretty clear.  My main gripe with this game was that the artwork and graphics were a little too simple, and I felt that there wasn’t much time put into it.

All in all, look for alternatives.  With only one map and two colors of ships, this game is sorely lacking.  No fast forward, no online highscores, and very simple graphics also add to this game’s main failures.  The core of the gameplay is great, and the landing of ships was a little bit more enjoyable than Harbor Master, but the lacking features are the main failures to this game.  If CandyCane updates this with online highscores, I would be more than happy to change my review, but as for now, buy something else from this “genre”.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are CandyCane.  It is currently on a release sale for 66% off, so get it before the price increases.

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