First Look at Lunar Module 3D

Ever since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, space exploration has been quite an awesome subject for us humans.  Exploring the stars, looking at our solar system, everything is quite beautiful when it comes to space… right?

Gameplay is pretty unique, and it’s all about patience and beauty.  In Lunar Module 3D, you control a lunar module by tilting your device left, right, up, and down while pressing the thrust button.  The thrust will get you to where you are going, which in this case is a landing pad, and it is all about being patient in this game.  It is recommended that you should thrust with short bursts of flame to land safe and sound on the landing pad.  To land safely, the horizontal and vertical speed must both be green; they can be found on the bottom left hand side of the screen.  If you don’t land gently, you’ll inevitably crash into pieces and all hope will be lost.  There are around 9 levels included in the game, and each level gets more difficult by adding more landing pads.  In each level, you must land on each landing pad before progressing to the next level, and I found that each level took around 10-20 minutes.

Graphics and artwork are very simple, but at the same time, very nicely done.  The 3D aspect is very nicely put together, and I found the overall design of the game to be adequately done.  The one thing that I quite enjoyed were the “space commentaries” found in the beginning of each level, and I found them to be quite comical.  The simple design in this game works great, and while I would want some moon craters in the background, the current version is enough to sate your moon design needs.

All in all, Lunar Module 3D offers some breathtaking gameplay that’s beautiful and stress relieving at the same time.  I found the soundtrack to help in the total concentration needed in this game, and I also found it to be stress-relieving.  Crashing the lunar module is a horrible feeling, but this game makes me want to keep playing over and over until the level is complete.  The controls also work very nicely in this game, and I am glad the developer did not input a D-pad control scheme into this game.  Some suggestions would be to have each level timed to try and add some replay value, and maybe even online highscores to see who can land the lunar modules the fastest.  Other than that, this game provides some beautiful gameplay that can’t be found anywhere else for $0.99.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are J-Squared Software.

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