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So it has been somewhat of a “late” sneak peek at this game, but better late than never right? Based on the game Fight Night, Touch KO is an upcoming boxing game from the Mechtley Brothers and Chillingo.  The game has been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval from the notorious Apple.

Gameplay is what you would usually see in a boxing game, and in the beginning of the game, you will be able to chose your character.  Each character has different strengths and stats, and every fight you fight in, you will get to raise those stats accordingly.  There are three types of punches you can execute: jab, uppercut, and side jab.  by tapping on the right and left sides of the screen accordingly, you will be able to control your left and right arms.  A swiping upward motion with your finger will bring an uppercut right into your opponent’s stomach, and swiping horizontally will execute a side jab right into your opponent’s face.  Blocking can be done by holding your two fingers down on the screen, and dodging can be done by tilting the screen either left or right.  Once you progress through your career, your stats will be higher, and you will be able to buy clothing from the shop that adds bonuses to your shop.

Graphics are made using the Unity 3D engine, and they actually look quite nice.  One thing that I quite enjoyed about the game was when the opponent is on his last bit of health, your punch is zoomed in on his face showing the spit flying through the air.  The player models are also wonderfully designed, and they actually look like fierce fighters ready to kill their opponent.

All in all, Touch KO was a great boxing game that should be on the App Store soon.  The Mechtley Brothers did a great job with everything, and I personally loved the intense boxing matches.  The matches weren’t too difficult, but they weren’t too easy either.  There would be times when I would be jabbing left, down, up, and right trying to break through the opponent’s defense.  The graphics in this game are beautiful and is provided in full 3D.  The overall design of the game is absolutely beautiful, and I extremely enjoyed the experience.  This seems to be one of the only fully functional boxing game in the App Store and should be a great addition to the App Store.  Look for this very soon.


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