First Look at Perplexed

Perplexed is a unique puzzler that can be found in the App Store, and it provides some unique twists to the somewhat crowded genre.  The puzzle itself may be interesting, but the problem with most puzzle games is the execution.  Does this execute well, or is it just another puzzle game?

Gameplay is pretty simple, match the blocks on both sides.  Once you make them look alike, press the check button to finish the level.  What I found was a little frustrating was that you couldn’t have the blocks a little bit separate from each other; they must be overlapped to continue on to the next level.  I also had some problems with the touch response from the blocks, and the movement wouldn’t always be very smooth.  The puzzle itself is a very intriguing puzzle that will keep you occupied, but the unresponsiveness and the fact that the blocks must be touching each other make the experience a little frustrating.

Design is adequate, but the menus and fonts need to be looked over a bit and designed a little bit better.  The factor that I found that was the most awe-inspiring was the sound.  Sound is deep, yet clear and sounds really great with the game.  The background to the menu is also really nicely done, and I am impressed with those two factors.  The button highlight, buttons, and font need a little bit of work though; nothing an update can’t fix.

All in all, Perplexed is an adequate puzzler with adequate execution.  It’s nothing that really far out or a must have, but it certainly is something to look at.  Perplexed provides a new puzzle to the App Store, and I found it to be very challenging in a good way.  The puzzle would exercise your mind to conform many ideas before the final submission, and I thought the core of the gameplay was a neat idea.  Execution is very important in a puzzle game, and I thought this one was a little bit off, but enough for the game to still be playable and somewhat enjoyable.

The price is $0.99, and the creator(s) is Frank Grimaldi.  It’s currently on a limited time sale, so get it before the price goes back up!

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