First Look at Huebris

Octavian Stirbei released Huebris (formally known as Gragvio) a couple months ago, but I never got the chance to really play the game until now.  The puzzler genre has been one of the most popular genres in the App Store, and most don’t get to see the light of day.  Does this have what it takes?

Gameplay is somewhat hard to describe; it’s a mixture of the Rubik’s cube and Chess.  Each different colored tile moves a certain way, and you must line up the colored tiles in the designated areas.  For example, a red tile will move similar to a knight piece in chess, and an orange piece will move diagonal two spaces in any direction.  I found the game to be quite challenging, and each puzzle took me around 30 minutes to complete.  It’s a little difficult, and I don’t see the casual crowd being quite satisfied with this game.

Art style is a very classic, shiny black look.  I personally like it, and although it does need a little bit more polish, the developer has done an adequate job.  The tiles are nicely colored and are very appealing to the eyes.  The menu design is nicely done, and the font is the factor that I was especially impressed with.

All in all, Huebris is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game.  It is by no means a ground-breaker or a must have, but the puzzle style is very unique and I found myself actually enjoying it.  It is very difficult though, and may take some people over 45 minutes to complete one puzzle.  Hints and other little shortcuts would be a nice addition to the game, and maybe even a “tips & tricks” menu would be a nice addition.  The puzzle itself is nicely designed and I love how the developer created the rules.  This game isn’t for everyone, but it is for the few that are looking for a challenge.

The price is $0.99, and the creator(s) is Octavian Stirbei.


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