Two Great Sales Starring Zenonia and Defender Chronicles

Hurry to your nearest app store because there are currently two amazing sales that are not to be missed.  My advice: pick up both games immediately. No, seriously, why are you still reading?  Just go buy the games and then come back and read the rest of the article to find out why you bought both of these outstanding titles.

Zenonia $5.99 to $2.99

We reviewed Zenonia as a solid must buy at $5.99.  So, it is an absolute ‘no-brainer’ at $2.99.  If you like RPGs even a little bit or if you ever saw Zelda and thought it was interesting, you should own this game.  Zenonia offers a classic RPG experience in a polished package.  When first released, there were some errors in grammar here and there, but Gamevil has been very active in supporting this game and has fixed most issues.  Personally, I also appreciate that Gamevil didn’t put the game on sale right away.  I think this is the perfect time for a sale because the people who really wanted the game paid $5.99 for it and have been enjoying it for a while, and the people who waited for a while saved some money (but had to pay for it with time lost playing this great game).  If you are in the second camp, buy Zenonia today!  Of course, you can always try to lite version first.

Defender Chronicles $2.99 to $0.99

While we have not yet reviewed Defender Chronicles, we have spent a good amount of time playing the game.  It has been an enjoyable experience thus far, and for $0.99, it is very hard to pass up this title.  Additionally, Chillingo brings a level of polish to all of the games they release (Defender Chronicles was developed by Gimka Enterntainment Inc).  Defender Chronicles offers a unique view of a tower defense game as you view the defenders and path from the side rather than the normal top-down view.  At the current sale price (which is for a limited time), I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up this title.


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