EA’s Clue Down from $4.99 to $2.99

EA Mobile just dropped the price of Clue down from $4.99 to $2.99.  For those of you who don’t know, EA’s Clue is an adaptation of the classic board game.  It offers great, hand-drawn graphics and a unique style.  In addition, the gameplay is pretty solid.  I would say that it is wroth the $2.99 especially if you like the game’s concept.  All-in-all, this is a decent version of a classic game and is worth your consideration.  I wouldn’t focus too much on app store ratings/reviews in this case because most gripes are regarding this game not being built like a board game (think monopoly for the iPhone).  While I can understand this sentiment, I do think that EA developed a unique, fun version of this game.  It may not be as ‘classic’ as some would like, but I find the overly negative reviews laughable.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Bottom Line: I had fun playing clue, but it is not my favorite game.  That being said, it is still installed on my iPod, and I play it from time to time as it is unique and different from other offerings on the app store.

2 thoughts on “EA’s Clue Down from $4.99 to $2.99

  1. I think this game is also pretty good. It handles clue management well, and it looks good. If you like the point and click / solve a case kind of game, you’ll like Clue.

    The downsides I found were that all your moves cost “time”, and you have a limited amount of that time. I would have liked it better with no time check at all.

    I also think it’s a good buy for $2.99.

  2. I couldn’t have been more disappointed with EA’s Clue. I’ll never buy another game for my iphone without reading the reviews first. Although I appreciate the company’s efforts to modernize the game with diversity, this game was beloved the way it was by another generation. I resent that you kept the name of the game and then changed all the elements that my generation loved about it. I say, get your own sluth games and create them anyway you want. Just stay away from classics you clearly don’t understand. We didn’t want it to be “updated and modernized”. We wanted it in the old mansion in the classic format.

    EA gets an F from me. (By the way, in case EA is unaware of this – seniors are a big market and have a lot of money to spend).

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