Power Pros Touch Is Up to Bat

Power Pros Touch, the popular baseball game on the Wii, has arrived on the App Store for a somewhat expensive price of $3.99.  The game seems to be only offered in portrait mode, and landscape mode is not supported.  It’s published by Konami.


  • Two Gameplay Modes:
  • Exhibition Mode
  • Choose from 6 unique baseball teams and play against the CPU. Play the game with customized settings.
  • Pennant Mode
  • Play like the Pros in pennant mode, complete with customized settings.
  • You can customize your season and select 25, 50, or 162 games. Innings can also be customized: choose 3, 6, or 9 innings per game.
  • Play through your baseball season anytime anywhere.
  • Difficulty settings range from Novice, Normal, and Expert.
  • Graphics – An exciting baseball experience is at your fingertips with rich and dynamic animations and intuitive controls.
  • Sound – This is Power Pros at its finest! Complete with commentary, crowd noise, background music and fight songs – just like the console games. Over 120 variations of play-by-play provide you with an exciting baseball game experience on your iPhone/iPod touch!

Note: This is a gameplay video of the Wii version.

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