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I’m sure you guys are quite familiar with the game World of Goo and the iPhone game Tiki Towers.  The objective in Tiki Towers was to build a structure that would get the monkeys from one side to the other.  Well in Moonlights, it has a somewhat different objective that’s quite different from what I was expecting.

In Moonlights, you have to build a tower to the moon.  There are different puzzles to play, and the moon is positioned almost anywhere on the screen.  There are different types of “grounds” that affect your structure, like the green ground will make your tower stable.  The moon can be on the bottom of the screen, and you must try and hang your tower to the moon, or it can be on the side of the screen.  Your tower is made up of a limited number of sticks, so you must use them wisely when building it.  The game consists of about 42 levels of sheer moonlight-action, so this game should last you a long time.  20 levels took around 2 hours for me, but then again, some puzzlers are quite more skilled than me.

Graphics and artwork are nicely done.  Menus are nicely designed and towers look great.  There isn’t that sense of flashy design and all that in this game, but the nice and simple design works well for this $0.99 title.  The in-game artwork is not too complex, and there isn’t much going on which helps with focusing on the objective rather than being distracted with the objects around you.

All in all, Moonlights provides some simple gameplay that has a lot of content and variations.  The game concept itself is very simple, but Bonuslevel made it so that it doesn’t get too repetitive.  The random locations of the moon and the recording of how many turns you took to finish a level adds some replayability to this game also.  Although I don’t see myself playing this after I beat it, it’ll take quite a while.  For $0.99, it offers a lot, and the simple design and gameplay makes this a wonderful title for casual gamers.  For the hardcore crowd, this may be uninteresting to you in the beginning, but as the levels progress it will become more difficult.  I suggest that you stick with it, but the gameplay may be too easy for some.  Personally, I enjoyed Moonlights and expect to see more of these quality titles from Bonuslevel.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are

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