Colonize the Moon With Moondrop

Who ever created this theme for the game is absolutely whack-o.  Wonder what’s going on over there at Nimblebit… anyways, they have just released their new game Moondrop in where you have to land the colonists on the moon, but can’t land them too fast.  You receive three lives, and one life is taken away for every ship you crash.

Gameplay is landing colonists on the moon by guiding them with your touch.  Touch the left hand side of the screen to steer them left and the right side to steer them right.  Touch the bottom for them to go straight down, but again, they can’t go down too fast.  The ships will turn to a shade of red when they are out of control, and it is hard to get them to slow down.  Control the ships with absolute accuracy to achieve the ultimate goal.  After each level, more colonist ships appear, and you have to land more and more after each round.  For example, on level 1 you must land 1 ship, but on level 3 you’ll have to land from 3 to 5 ships.  The difficulty increases steadily throughout the game, and I found the gameplay to be quite enjoyable.  There are also bonuses for landing the pods in the center, which adds to your score.  Bonus rounds are also included to provide an overall enjoyable game.

Graphics… what can I say.  Nimblebit creates some great artwork for all their games, and this one is no different.  Although the ships are a little under-designed for my taste, everything else is nice, simple, and polished.

All in all, Moondrop is a very simple game that I can’t see myself playing 3 hours straight, but its for those times when you’re waiting for 5 minutes.  Might as well help these colonists land rather than waiting right?  Nimblebit is known for their simple gameplay mechanics that are absolutely addictive, and this game does not fall short of that criteria.  The Twitter integration is nicely done, although submitting your score to Twitter was a little bit hard to do for me.  The “add score to Twitter” screen would suddenly disappear, and I would receive error messages whenever I do get the chance to actually submit the score.  Other than that, this is another beautifully simple game from Nimblebit that has great value for $0.99, and I’m sure you will be addicted to this.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are Nimblebit.

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