Save Nature The Fun Way With Crush Bunny

Crush Bunny has got to be one of the hidden gems in the App Store.  The time that went into the artwork and gameplay is very noticeable, and 3Side Studios has done an excellent job executing the game.  It’s unique, smooth, and best of all, fun.

Crush Bunny offers a unique gameplay in where you must save the bunnies by tilting your device.  There are meteors that drop through the sky and an arrow indicating where it will land.  Change the course of the meteor so that it lands on empty ground, not where the bunnies are feasting on their precious grass.  There are barriers and shields you can buy to isolate or shield the bunnies from the meteors, and there are also little health packs so that your bunny can heal from poison or fire.  There are 3 types of meteors and around 3 types of bunnies to protect.  Each meteor has an effect on the bunny: for example, the fire meteor will burn the bunny and the poison meteor will slowly eat away at your bunny’s health.  Wait, that’s not all.  There are also mini-games within the game like rocket launching and disco dancing.  When a balloon appears, pop the balloon to play a mini-game like exploding rocks and dancing to the beat.  Future updates will include more mini-games, but the ones provided are quite enjoyable.

Graphics and animations are extremely well done.  The bunnies’ design is very nice, and the meteors are nicely displayed.  Explosions and sound effects are also nice and clear, and the artwork is top-notch.  The music in the game gets somewhat repetitive, but it does add to the comical nature of this game.  Menu designs are well designed, and just the overall game is designed very nicely.

All in all, Crush Bunny is definitely something you should check out.  It’s unique in the App Store, and the mini-games are absolutely hilarious.  Gameplay does get a little bit repetitive, but that’s only because this game was meant for short playing times, and the mini-games are a nice little twist to the gameplay as well.  From the time that I played, I thoroughly enjoyed Crush Bunny and hope to see future updates with more mini-games (which is already in the works) and more of saving nature fun.  3Side Studios, I’m happy to inform you that your game passes the App Store criteria as completely unique and completely awesome.


  • Tilt and Drag gameplay
  • Includes Mini Games
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Game Awards\Achievements
  • Agon Community Enabled
  • Compare scores and awards with friends
  • Save games any time
  • Automatic save and resume
  • 3 Modes of Difficulty

The price is $0.99, and the creators are 3Side Studios.


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