Ka-Glom Makes A Boom On the App Store

Ka-Glom, the Blackberry hit that’s been downloaded over 5 million times, arrives on the iPhone for a starting price of $2.99.  If you don’t know what the game is about, it’s basically a match-3 game with little jelly things that explode once they’re all matched up.  I remember playing this on my Blackberry Pearl 8100 about 2 years ago, but I’m not sure how well the gameplay will transfer over to the iPhone.

Features include:

  • 3 Different modes of Play: Normal, Time Attack, and Puzzle Mode
  • Hidden modes to be unlocked
  • Learn how to play with an easy and quick tutorial

There seems to be some control complaints and bugs from reading some early reviews, but let’s hope Magmic Inc. fixes these.  They have also made Puzzle 10and New York Times Crosswords for the iPhone, so they aren’t quite new to this market.  If you’ve owned a Blackberry before, I’m sure this game will come to mind, and if you haven’t this game was great fun from what I remember.

The price is $2.99, and the creators are Magmic Inc.


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