Enviro-Bear 2010: A Bizzare yet Wonderful Bear Driving Sim

If you haven’t gathered from the screenshot below, Enviro-Bear 2010 isn’t the most serious game.  With the graphics straight out of what looks like an afternoon playing in MS Paint, it’s definitely got a unique look on the app store.  The good news about Enviro-Bear 2010?  Every part of it is absolutely hilarious.

The title is the first hint that this game won’t be quite… normal. The description follows suit:

Who is driving that car? Oh my God, a Bear is Driving! How can that Be?!

Yes, you’re a bear driving a car.  There are other bears driving cars.  You have one functioning limb.  And it’s time to get some food!

I don’t want to go into too much detail about how the game plays, because part of the fun is just experiencing it for yourself in disbelief.  I plan on touting how powerful the iPhone gaming platform is, and then showing friends Enviro-Bear 2010 and citing how it’s the most impressive title to date.  That should go over well.

If any of what I’ve said above doesn’t sound interesting, skip this title.  But if you’re interested in some random fun and a quick joke for $0.99, it doesn’t get better than Enviro-Bear 2010.  It’s full of personality and kept me laughing.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sequel.


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