Exclusive Look at Triazzle: An Upcoming Puzzler

Triazzle is a breathtaking puzzler that’s unlike anything I’ve seen in the App Store.  You may be familiar with the game from around the 90s, but most of us including me have never seen or played this game.  I got the chance to play it, and boy this is an extremely beautiful puzzler that won’t disappoint.

Gameplay is somewhat hard to explain, but I’ll try my best.  There are puzzle pieces in the shape of a triangle, and each triangle has a piece of an animal on it.  So for instance, a triangular piece may have a frog’s head, the bottom of a butterfly, and the side of a turtle.  You have to match it up so that the other piece has a frog’s bottom, the top of the butterfly, and the other side of the turtle.  There is a choice of either 9-triangle boards or 16, and I found the 16-triangle board quite challenging.  There are 4 difficulty levels: kids, level 1, level 2, and level 3.  There is also a “?” that chooses for you, so the puzzle can be from any difficulty level.  In the game, you have a certain number of hints you can use if you’re stuck.  There are over 500 puzzles included in this game, somewhat different from the puzzle game back in the 90s that were $12 for one puzzle.

Graphics and animations… what can I say.  This game is absolutely, positively, extremely gorgeous.  The noises, designs, animal movement, and backgrounds are all very nicely designed.  The in-game ambient sounds and sound effects are extremely well done probably because they were done by the TV and film composer Billy White Acre.  I cannot stress enough how beautiful this game is, and it clearly took quite a while to make.  The frogs hopping over the game board while you’re playing is quite a small, but eye-catching part of the game that I enjoy a lot.

All in all, I think I can safely say that this is something that you should look forward to.  It features beautiful background, extremely beautiful ambient noises, pleasing sound effects, and provides a relaxing environment.  The frogs moving across the screen while playing offer quite a relaxing game for people, and this is one game you should go to after a stressful day.  The touch controls work perfectly for a game of this type, and coming from a guy that has never played this before, I must say this is one puzzler beyond what I was expecting.  Again, if you’re a fan of puzzles, this is something you should definitely look out for.  The puzzles are challenging, but the hints included do away with the frustration you may feel with other puzzle games.

Features include:

  • Pick-up-and-play, Triazzle is intuitive and easy to learn!
  • 9 and 16 piece puzzle formats (others on the way!)
  • Beginner, intermediate and difficult levels
  • Special Kids’ Games for players 5 and up
  • Puzzle characters come to life when correctly matched
  • Pieces are easy to manipulate, touch and drag, tap to rotate
  • Handy “docks” store puzzle pieces and may be retracted
  • for additional playing space
  • “Matches” feature highlights all correctly matched pieces
  • Animated Hints feature assists you when you need help
  • “Shake-to-Solve” completes any puzzle for you
  • “Simple Backgrounds” option provides less detailed
  • screens for visually challenged
  • Easy to follow, illustrated Help screens
  • No clock for stress-free game play
  • Games in play are automatically saved
  • Dozens of stunning graphical environments
  • Original music scored by film & TV composer Billy White Acre

The release price will be $2.99, and then the price will go up to $3.99.  The game is set for a July 17th release.  For $2.99, you can’t get anything quite like this anywhere else.  Head over to www.triazzle.com for more information about the game.  The game will be compatible with OS 2.2.1, although OS 3.0 is recommended.



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