Blasting Worms In Worms for iPhone

How should I start with this?  I can say that this was definitely below my expectations, and although it does feature some features that are better than Star Hogs, I can’t say this game plays quite as well as I expected.  The comedy and sounds are all there, and the graphics are nice looking, but the lag and unresponsiveness are the factors that absolutely kill the appeal for consumers.

Gameplay is very similar to any other Worms game or even to Star Hogs.  You control worms with a huge array of weapons and different abilities to move like ninja ropes, jet packs and teleporting.  The game only features a quick play mode and the multiplayer is far from adequate as it only features pass and play multiplayer.  There will be future updates for online and WiFi multiplayer, but for right now, it seems that their multiplayer is quite lacking.  There is also a missions mode, which if you stretch it far enough, can be called a campaign mode.  There are 50 challenges to complete, and each one doesn’t seem to take very long as it is just eliminating your opponents who have half life.

Graphics are nicely done since it is built off of just a slightly modified PS3 version.  The maps were found to be a little too big though for such a small screen, and although it did not bother me much, some users are somewhat bothered by it.  Personally, I thought that the game was nicely designed, and I was quite impressed with the wind system and the huge explosions.  The menu buttons and design is well designed, and it fits quite well with the whole Worms theme.

All in all, I cannot recommend this game due to a lack in content and extremely unresponsive response from the crosshairs and the worms’s movement.  There would be times when I would try to aim for an enemy and my worm would randomly jump and plummet to its death.  There would also be times when my worm would explode suddenly without even shooting the gun.  The unresponsive and lag found in the zooming, aiming, and scrolling through the map is a huge nuisance in this game and the lack of content is just another icing on the cake to justify not getting this.  If you’re a die hard Worms fan, I’m sure you’ll love every aspect of the game, but if you’re not, I suggest you find some other alternatives like Star Hogs until it gets updated.

The price is $4.99, and it is developed by Team17 Software Ltd.

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One thought on “Blasting Worms In Worms for iPhone

  1. The opponents may have have life early on, but they definitely get much harder and the latter challenges are tough (from what I remember anyways).

    As for the gameplay, I agree. It’s just been more frustrating than fun so far. The screen is very, very tiny. I can’t pan across the screen without completely struggling, and aiming isn’t much better. Overall, my first impression is I’m really disappointed. Time to check out Star Hogs.

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